About Us

Assalam o alaikum:

  • Our aim is to help to all those students who are weak in programming and guide them best as we can.
  • If any one finds any problem in any program of  our website he/she can comment on that program. We guide him best.
  • If any one want to take help in any program from us he/she can contact us and can send his/her program.
  • If you see any problem in this site please tell us so that we can solve that problem.

The Website Developers Are:

    • Muhammad Waqas
    • Hafiz Muhammad Zaid
    • Afraz Ahmad
    • Muhammad Awais
    • Kamal Subhani

The Website Contributers Are:

    • Kamal Subhani (1122)
    • Haseeb Ahmad
    • Faisal Shahzad
    • Ayesha Liaqat
    • Muhammad Afraz
    • Hafiz Muhammad Zaid